Tuesday, December 2, 2008


by Ben Deleon, www.brandelinc.com

Remember when the Internet first started to go commercial? There weren't a lot of computers then, and very few people had Internet access. However, the people who made the most money then were the ones who rode the wave early. They saw the opportunity and got in — even before it was hot. Now, your chance to ride a new wave has come around once more.

Every once in a while... a new mega-opportunity arises, bursting with profitable situations, waiting for people with the vision to harvest its potentials. It's all up to you to quickly take it and make the most of it.

The Wizard of Ads explains the Theory of Universal Knowledge this way: "There is a time for every idea, and when that time comes, the idea springs into the minds of several people simultaneously." Those who take action usually get all the applause; the rest just sit back and cry.

With close to 300 million cellphone users and the steady, growing acceptance of text messaging as a critical consumer relations media, I see mobile text advertising both as a powerful marketing tool and as a viable money-making opportunity whose time has come.

The Mega-Opportunity of the Year.

One of the most important opportunities in this "mobile boom" is that text-based advertising has become more accessible and more affordable to a point that even small businesses and local merchants can easily use mobile text messaging for their marketing and advertising needs.

The following indicators offer enough clues on the health and the overall growth of mobile and text messaging in the U.S. These tidbits reveal success and opportunities that should give all of us (who make a living or plan to make a living with mobile advertising) a very positive outlook for 2009 and beyond.

• More Americans with Cell Phones
There are now 298 Million Americans with cell phones (July 2008 est.), with an estimated 46 new cell phones being activated every minute in the U.S.

• Text Messaging has Increased 10-Fold
The number of text messages being sent monthly in the U.S. reportedly has soared to more than 75 billion, a 10-fold increase in just three years. The research firm, Interlinked Media predicts there’ll be more than 600 billion text messages sent in the United States this year.

• Texting Overtakes Voice in Mobile Phone Usage
At the end of 2007, text messaging had just overtaken voice calls 218 to 213. But by the end of the second quarter of this year, an average mobile phone user placed or received 204 calls, compared with sending or receiving 357 text messages. With texting now getting close to outpacing voice calls two to one, it can't be long until phone users adapt to more text-based advertising and marketing techniques as well.

• Obama's Win Serves as a Good Endorsement for Texting.
Following Obama's win, AT&T reported the largest text messaging spike in company history. As you may know, one the most important tools the Obama "Campaign for Change" Team used to reach voters and volunteers was text messaging, giving them the ability to send updates and critical messages directly to people's cell phones!

• $11.4 Billion in Revenues by 2011
According to the research firm Informa Telecoms (www.informa.com), spending on mobile ads will grow from $871M worldwide to $11.4 billion by 2011. Other analysts predict the market will be as big as $20 billion then.

* Check this blog for sources and more on these news highlights.

Businesses Need Advertising.
Especially During A Down Economy.

In difficult economic times, it is extremely critical for business owners to have more direct access to their customers and to be able to drum-up more business when needed. Using "mobile" as a marketing tool, businesses can immediately launch sales campaigns and market to their customers — easily, quickly, and with great accuracy.

The key factors here are "speed" and "accuracy". We live in a time when email alone won't do the job. If an advertiser needs to reach his customers - right now, right away - email is NOT the way to go! But with mobile text, an advertiser can deliver his message direct to the customer's hands in minutes. Consumers don't have to wait until they are in front of a computer and go on the Internet to read their email. Mobile is fast and direct.

Start Your Own Mobile Advertising Business - Now.
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Since 2004, we've been crafting and polishing our Mobile Reseller System to make it a more solid and reliable engine for entrepreneurs like yourself who want to start their own business and offer mobile advertising services to others.

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Using our Mobile Reseller System as the backbone of your mobile ad business, you can offer both Bounce Ad (auto-response mobile advertising) and Broadcast (text message blaster) services to business owners, professionals, individuals, and institutions such as schools, churches, communities, and more.

Big Trend. Be First.

Own the "mobile ad business" in your local area and make all the moves that will enable you to take advantage of this big trend. You can position your mobile service to provide unique types of mobile advertising that will enable you to get established as the local source for mobile advertising in your area. And the best way to ride this big trend is to be FIRST.

Since you already have the vision to see what is happening in the marketplace and are able to recognize the opportunities around you, don't you owe it to yourself to take action and explore the potential of what is being revealed before you?
Of course, the question is always: Do you have the courage to act?

Timing is everything, and now is the time.
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